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Kristin Orr

Bream Bay Ballet was a branch of the Northland School of Ballet; the principal Mrs. Tess Graham.

In 1994 Kristin Orr began her teacher training in ballet under the tutorage of Tess Graham, Kristin was successfully examined for teaching in 1997, completing a teaching diploma with papers on anatomy and child psychology in 1998.

Kristin nee Caldwell began her ballet training in Christchurch with Rhonda McGlinchy in 1971 and then trained at Southern Ballet from 1973 to 1978 taught by Lorraine Peters, David Peak and Russell Kerr.

In 1980 Kristin chose a career in Occupational Therapy, following her training she specialised in neurology in Christchurch before moving to Ruakaka with her husband in 1987. In 1999 Kristin worked for Abano in Brain injury Rehabilitation in the community, in 2005 Kristin joined Special Education working with children in schools around Northland.

Alongside commitments to her family and working as an Occupational Therapist Kristin continued her ballet teaching schedule in Ruakaka.

It is this unique combination of skills as a teacher of ballet and a trained Occupational Therapist that she brings to the ballet classroom to inspire, motivate and train the young ballet student in the skillful art and performance of ballet.

Individual to Bream Bay Ballet are precious gems, circuit classes for children with movement and perceptual challenges.


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Nicola Fannin

Trained in South Taranaki with Jill Hooper from 1987-1992, then in New Plymouth at Dance Academie with Dawn McAlpine and Lyn Gilbert-Smith School of Dance with Lyn Gilbert Smith 1992-1997

Nicola nee Ramsey as a young dancer won various competitions and scholarships, the most prestigious at age 18 was the RAD scholarship to attend any RAD Summer School in the world, Nicola chose London.

From 1998 to 2001 Nicola trained at the New Zealand School of Dance majoring in Classical Ballet Major.

Nicola danced in classes with the Royal New Zealand Ballet and Cape Town City Ballet

Nicola was a freelance teacher of dance for a number of ballet schools, including: Hayley Johnson School of Dance; Marie Montford, Northland School of Ballet, Dance Inc Northland and Bream Bay Ballet.

Nicola is a trained Pilate’s instructor and has taught for a private fitness company and for ballet schools. She has provided private lesson tuition, competition, exam and choreographic work and run dance workshops.

Nicola danced as a Production show dancer for Princess Cruise Lines for 5 years.

Since 2010 Nicola has been a lead teacher at Bream Bay Ballet and has been instrumental with choreography for productions.

2014 Nicola completes her Bachelor of Education, Primary Specialisation, through the University of Auckland.

Managing diverse commitments Nicola and her husband are parents to a young daughter.


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mary_evans.jpgMary Evans

Trained originally by Tess Graham in the early seventies from age 9, Mary as an adult returned to ballet firstly in 1983 - 1985, in Wellington under Deidre Tarrant, gaining passes in the 3 examinations of RAD's Dance Education Syllabus (forerunner to RAD upper grade examinations). And secondly since 2006, again training under Tess Graham, Mary successfully completed upper grade and vocational examinations. She continues to attend ballet classes on a regular basis.

Currently she is training in ballroom, latin and salsa dance at Instep Dance Studio in Whangarei. Twice yearly Mary sits amateur medal tests, and is now preparing for the Gold level tests.

Mary's passion for dance extends to international folk dance. She regularly joins a group of Global Dancers to entertain at various events and concerts about town.

For the past 2 years, her involvement in dance is not only practical but administrative. She is Secretary of Northland Ballet and Dance, as well as Convenor of the ballet section of Northland Performing Arts Competitions.

Mary is a trained electrical engineer.

Mary is a guest teacher for Bream Bay Ballet

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Mrs. Tess Graham

Mrs Tess Graham gifted me the Bream Bay Ballet school in 2000. Sadly Mrs Graham passed away in April 2016.

She has been a mentor and teacher to many past and current Bream Bay Ballet students and an inspiring teacher to me.

Her words of wisdom on ballet technique continue to be taught and she is fondly remembered and revered in our dance studio.


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